Downgrading WordPress

Since the release of WordPress 3.5 there has been loads of backend errors which have caused problems. Below is a list of the problems I have found out so far:

  • The quick edit button no longer works.
  • The html button to edit posts in html mode doesn’t work.
  • Adding images to the posts no longer works.
  • changing links in a post/page will not update the link

So what we are going to do now is downgrade from wordpress 3.5 to the stable and beautiful 3.4.2 and we can do this in 6 easy and straight forward steps. So lets get started.

Step 1:
The 1st task is to download an older version of wordpress. Since we’re downgrading from version 3.5. Make sure to download the zip file, since this is the file we will be editing in the next step. You can download older versions of wordpress in the wordpress archives straight to your desktop.
Download: WordPress Archives

Step 2
The next step is to work with the zip file. You’ll need to open it with a zip program and then delete the wp-content folder from the zip file. We do NOT want the wp-content folder on the server to be overwritten by the blank content from the zip file!

Step 3
In this step we want to make sure that we deactivate all active plugins BEFORE we downgrade. Log into your site and make sure to deactivate all your plugins that you have running on your site. Once you have deactivated your plugins log out of your wp admin.

Step 4
Login to your websites FTP using a FTP client. Then before we copy over our zip contents to the server we want to make sure to delete wp-admin and wp-includes folders on the server.

Step 5
Once you have deleted your wp-admin and wp-includes folder, upload all the files from the zip you downloaded (make sure you have deleted wp-content from the zip folder) Once you have uploaded all your files to your server, log back into your wp admin and then you will get a message saying to update the database, do ths and then you should be all ready to use wordpress 3.4.2 again.

Step 6
Activate your plugins and theme again and then you are all good :)